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123 Union Road
Stratham, NH 03885


3 most important things to note:

  • Please call ahead. We're small and it's just Teresa and me (Bill), so we keep no regular hours. You're welcome day or night, year-round, including weekends, and often you can come as soon as you call - but if we don't know you're coming, we may not be here to help you. The clear advantage to you of operating by appointment is that you know you will have our full and undivided attention while you're here. Just call 603-944-3496 (cell), or e-mail us at grasses@WillowMist.com to make an appointment.
  • We do not ship. For several reasons, shipping is just impractical for us, so we have no provisions for it. Often we can arrange for local delivery, but our regular pricing and mode of operation assume pick-up here at the farm.We typically bag grasses in heavy plastic for travel, and 80-90% of our grasses leave here quite comfortably in the family car. Larger root balls may call for a pick-up or SUV. Really big ones may require a machine to move once you get them home, depending on how much muscle you can call upon to help. (We can make manageable size divisions of anything until at least September 15th, and some even later.)
  • We dig to order. We operate like a tree farm, normally keeping no "potted" stock. Our grasses usually stay in the ground until someone wants them. That means we'll have much larger specimens available than most nurseries, but we will usually also have smaller divisions at various price points either recently divided and waiting to go back into the ground, or recently replanted in our fields.This gives us a range of sizes, at various prices. Everything is priced by actual plant size - not pot size. You always get the best value for the actual size plant you choose.

From winter through mid-summer, especially before field plants are blooming, we have an excellent album of large photos that allow you to see what your grasses will look like as they change through the seasons.

  • If we need to divide a large grass for you, it can be a time-consuming process, on the order of 45 minutes to an hour per division. Big grasses are tough, and I'm no spring chicken anymore. Even with my Sawzall, it can take a while. There's a really good ice cream place nearby where you can while away the wait, or if you live near enough, we can arrange a pickup the next day, or whenever suits you. Of course, you're also welcome to roam our fields to pass the time, or watch me work. We don't charge extra when the customer "helps." No extra fees for deer, heron, fox or turkey watching either.
  • New divisions are best done from late May, when the grasses have come well out of dormancy, until at least September 15 - though it depends on both the weather and the size of the division (bigger is better), and some varieties can be done later. If it's not a good time for the one you want, I'll tell you.
  • The earlier in the season you come, the "easier" your purchase will be, because the plants will be smaller and easier to handle, and will require somewhat less vigorous watering preparing for their first winter in the ground.
  • HOWEVER, from mid-to-late August on you have the advantage of seeing many grasses in bloom. Even a late fall visit has its advantages, and you can successfully transplant everything except new divisions into early November, in most cases. Fall foliage colors usually peak from October 1st through the 20th +/-. (Just like trees, it varies from year to year.) That's therefore a great time to visit, and also to buy.
  • We offer farm-direct prices to the public, plus a trade discount to landscape professionals.
  • We do not draw formal landscape plans, but will gladly advise homeowners, landscapers, and designers on appropriate use and placement of our grasses, including site visit, from a few accent plants to a full grasses garden.
  • The site visit service is a flat $55 within a 20-mile radius of WillowMist, with the full amount deducted from your first grass purchase (or applied towards smaller purchases over time.)
  • We do not accept credit cards, but do honor personal and business checks with proper ID. Cash is also good.
  • We have over 30 years' worth of experience in providing customer satisfaction, and remain dedicated to that. Feel free to raise any questions or make any proposal, and we'll do our best to find a way.

Directions -

From I-95 in NH: take Exit 3B and follow Route 33 towards Exeter and Stratham. 2.5 miles along, just after Cumberland Farms, take a left at the traffic lights onto Greenland's Winnicut Road. Go straight for 1.7 miles. (Winnicutt becomes Union Road at about the 1-mile point, when you cross the Stratham line at High Street.) We're on the right at 123 Union.

From Exeter & West: Rte 101 to Exit 11. Keep left on exit ramp, and take Rte 108N, getting over into the right lane as soon as you can. At the Irving Oil station (very first light on 108), turn right onto Stratham Heights Rd and follow it to the end. Turn LEFT onto Bunker Hill Avenue, and go .4 mi to Union Rd. Turn right onto Union and go straight for 1.7 mi (crossing Winnicutt Rd.) to #123 and the WillowMist sign (on left).

From Hampton/No. Hampton: Route 151 over Rte 95. Take second left after crossing 95, which is Stratham's Winnicutt Road. Follow Winnicutt for 1.7 miles. Just past Golf Club of New England entrance, at intersection with Union Road, turn right onto Union and proceed 0.6 mi. to #123 and the WillowMist sign, on the left.

From Durham/Newmarket: Follow Rte 108S to Stratham Circle, go halfway around, and take Rte 33 towards Portsmouth. As soon as you leave the circle, take the first right, onto Stratham's Winnicutt Rd. About 3 miles along, turn LEFT onto Union Road and proceed 0.6 mi. to #123 and the WillowMist sign, on the left.

Please Note: For those familiar with the area, don't be confused by the TWO different Winnicutt Roads. Stratham has one, but so does Greenland - and they are NOT connected. (They DO both hit Union Road, where we are - but from opposite directions.)

Greenland's connects Union Rd to Rte 33 at the Gowen's Corner traffic lights in Greenland, near Cumberland Farms.

The one that has sometimes befuddled folks is Stratham's Winnicutt, which CROSSES Union in Stratham - so you need to know which way to turn onto Union when you reach it. Coming on that Winnicutt from Rte 33, you turn LEFT onto Union. Coming from Rte 151 on Winnicutt, you turn RIGHT onto Union.




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